Part 3: Last minute Thanksgiving recipe ideas


The big day is around the corner, and while you've spent all your time preparing the perfect turkey, making your side dishes or dessert might have slipped your mind. Look no further, I've got you covered with some inspiration for those side dishes and dessert. Whether you've opted into our effortless catering options or you're taking turkey day head on, you'll be a pro-Thanksgiving host this year. 


If you have a long list of guests but don't need another turkey, our chicken pot pie recipe will keep everyone satisfied.











Skip the steamed vegetables and enhance your side dishes with our creamed spinach recipe that blends pleasant flavours with a hearty vegetable. 


Does the thought of cranberry sauce put you to sleep? Add some life to this staple side dish with our fruit-infused orchard cranberry sauce


Don't want to serve pumpkin pie at your dinner? Try our delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing. The light flavour and creamy icing are sure to impress.