The holiday décor tips you need

Make this year’s celebration totally unique with clever details and festive flourishes your guests will be copying for years.


  1. Keep a small pot of cinnamon sticks and cloves simmering in water on your stove to infuse your space with an intoxicatingly spicy scent.
  2. They’re never too old for loot bags: fill a basket with wrapped mini treats by the door for guests to enjoy on the way out.
  3. Don’t forget the washroom! Fill a bowl with clove-studded clementines on the counter for holiday-inspired deodorizer.
  4. Blend strands from different plants and herbs (evergreen and cedar or rosemary and boxwood work beautifully) into an oversized, unconventional wreath.
  5. Create tonal themes with unexpected items in the same hue acting as your table runner.
  6. Wrap empty boxes to decorate your entranceway along with stockings and ornaments.
  7. Change up your centrepiece display with smaller outdoor wreaths.
  8. Wrap your front door with oversized ribbon and a giant bow.  
  9. Turn old branches into accent pieces by dipping them in gold or silver metallic paint. 
  10. Jazz up your everyday store-bought wreaths with paper holly or balloon letters that spell out "Happy Holidays". 


Our tips will have your guests in a winter wonderland they won't want to leave.