The Ultimate Cookie Swap

For those who’ve made swapping sweets an art form, here are a few tips to take this year’s party to the next level.

1. Include recipes for each of your new masterpieces inside the package. It’s a sure-fire way to make‘em classics. 
2. Add a layer of glitter or sequins to the bottom of your package (but be sure to keep the cookies separate, enclosed within a separate clear bag).
3. Package your cookies inside an initial mug, personalized for each recipient—two gifts in one! 
4. Use tree clippings alongside ribbons to wrap your craft boxes unexpectedly.
5. Egg cartons make perfect holders for mini bites (as well as perfect craft activities for those little helpers).

Need a recipe of your own? Try the holiday's most ubiquitous cookie for discerning taste buds, shortbread cookies in two ways: thick and soft or thin and crispy!

An all-star baker is only as good as his or her pantry. Page 17 of our Luxe Holiday Book is your guide to the only 10 items you need for flawless results, every single time.