Throw a Halloween party everyone will love

Halloween is a time to enjoy a night of treats and fun. If you're taking the plunge and throwing a Halloween party, I've got all the tips you need to put together a bash everyone young and old will enjoy. 

To set a refined Halloween theme avoid the standard plastic or blow-up Halloween decorations. The key is to keep all the spook on your food and not your walls. For example, instead of stretching cotton webs over your windows and cupboard doors, pull melted marshmallows over brownies, cakes or cupcakes for the same effect. 

Go easy on the black - that means from food dye to table settings. You can create a haunted atmosphere with candles and dim lighting. Go with a simple palette of fall colours, and pull out antiques like an old clock, mask or candle holders. Grouping them around flower arrangements or candles will add a sense of mystery. 

Have a fresh apple pie baking as guests arrive. The aroma filling your home will make it feel cosy and inviting. It sets a better atmosphere than a screaming track on loop in the background, but don't forget to play Thriller at least once. 

If limiting your decorations is not your thing, pick one spot in your home to go all out with jack-o-lanterns, spiders crawling on skeletons, and flying witches. Make it a photo-op spot for your guests. 

To make your Halloween party one to indulge in, skip the conventional store bought treats. It may be hard to resist, but your teeth will be thankful. 

Don't know where to start? I've got you covered with a wide assortment of treats available in store now.

Along with the treats, have some savoury and filling dishes to balance out all the sweets your guests will snack on. Try our prosciutto panino recipe but slice the full panino into bite sized sandwiches or try some individual sized chicken pot pies. Avoid sugary punch and opt for mulled wine for the adults and hot apple cider for a kid-friendly option. 

While the older ghouls are socializing, you'll want to keep the younger ones entertained - Sophistication and fun can go hand-in-hand. Put out some face paints for kids to complete their costume or conventional paints to paint  small pumpkins instead. While they can have fun and express their creativity they take their pumpkins home as a party favour. If the craftier guest is attending, give them something more challenging like these bat-themed book corners.

Want something a little more active? Try this twist on a classic with a pin the "Boo" on the ghost. Hang a large ghost poster and have the blindfolded participants try their best to pin the "BOO" on the ghosts mouth.

With these treats, decorations and activities, your guests are bound to have a great time and will be at your door next year.

Happy Halloween!