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Time to charcuterie


With the holidays on the horizon, it’s time to level up your board game. The ultimate shareable appetizer, a stunning charcuterie and cheese board is surprisingly simple to assemble if you follow basic pairing principles.

It’s all about balance-sweet with salty or bitter, creamy with crunchy, mild with bold, mixing and matching with consideration to colour, shape, texture, richness and intensity… Tour around the holiday board we dreamed up for ideas, tips and tricks for when inspiration strikes.


Try: Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar, Port Wine Jelly and Pusateri’s Maple Pecans

Why? Maple pecans add crunch and mirror the nutty flavour of aged cheddar. Jewel-toned port wine jelly adds sweetness and depth.


Try: Brie Maxim de Paris, Rosewood Estates Honeycomb, Venchi Brutto Ma Buono Chocolate Bark.

Why? Rich chocolate is an excellent addition, especially if your guests are drinking wine. Chewy, sweet, bright and fresh honeycomb adds a new dimension (or several) to your platter.


Try: Castello Blue Cheese, Forno Cultura Cantucci Mosaico Biscotti

Why? Sharply piquant, slightly salty, rich and creamy blue spreads beautifully over crisp, fruity biscotti.


Try: Piacere Salami, Fini Prosciutto di Parma, Pusateri's Chorizo Bites, Sweety Drops

Why? Layer sweet over meat; stunning Sweety Drops are tiny Peruvian peppers whose sweet-sour flavour is part sweet pepper and party cherry tomato.


Try: Pusateri's Gold Luster Champagne Smoked Salmon, Salmon Caviar, Raincoast Crackers and Dill Cream Cheese

Why? Smoky, salty, crunchy, shiny… this combination takes classic lox and cream cheese to a new level.


Pro Tips:

  1. Small dishes give your platter depth and prevent spreadable and small ingredients from bleeding into other ingredients.
  2. Fresh herbs bring colour to your platter and can act as natural separators between items.
  3. Choose fruits that are sweet and juicy, like grapes, pears, figs and berries.


Find these ingredients in-store and speak with our team at the Formaggeria/Cheese Department for more pairing inspiration.  


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