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Trend Report: Petals The New Edibles


Experience flowers anew this Spring: add exciting, natural notes and a premium, personal touch to your table. Whether fresh picked or preserved, these blossoms’ sweet and subtle flavours and delicate beauty add a design element to any dish.


Salt Spring Flower Chèvre: Handmade soft goat chèvre crowned with jewel-toned flowers.  Using a short list of all natural ingredients (100% pure goat milk, sea salt, dairy culture and rennet) Salt Spring Island Cheese Company makes some of the best cheese you will find, from one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Fiasco Lavender and Vanilla Bean Gelato: Lavender and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans make scents together in this meticulously crafted small batch gelato. Lavender flowers are steeped into the milk to bring out their floral aroma. Its flavour goes hand in hand with the highest quality Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean.

Lemon Lily Organic Cherry Blossom Tea: A sip and a scent away from the Kyoto Cherry Blossom festival.

Point G Poppy Flower Macaron: Poppy flower, raspberry and ground almonds are a flavour bouquet you’ll not soon forget. Point G’s secret is the maturation of their macarons. The slow-cooked poppy flower confit infuses flavour and moisture into the Italian meringue shell, striking the perfect balance between crisp and pillowy and ensuring poppy’s delicate taste comes through.

ChocoMe Artisan Chocolate: Premium cocoa beans, crystallized rose petals and genuine 23 karat gold crumbs add raw, yet refined, beauty to these bars. Lavishly topped with edible gold and silver, freeze-dried fruits and crystalized flower petals, ChocoMe’s bars of premium chocolate are prepared and packaged by hand.

Edible Flowers: Petal power is in full bloom this Spring, painting plates with Mother Nature’s palette. 

Wild Hibiscus Flower CO.: Sustainably farmed and small-batch produced in Sydney, Australia, these flowers and flower teas bring a special beauty and sweet-sour flavour to fruition. Add champagne or prosecco for a flavourful, fashionable drink, and don’t forget a mocktail with soda water for the kids.

Wild Hibiscus Flower CO. Heart-Tee Hibiscus Tea: Sustainably farmed and small-batch produced in Sydney, Australia, these flowers and flower teas bring a special beauty and sweet-sour flavour to fruition. Delicious steamy hot or iced, this tea can also be used to impart stunning flavour and colour to liquor infusions and punches.

Bitarome Orange Flower Water: Moroccan florals add sweet, delicate, fragrant notes reminiscent of their organic blooms.


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