Trend Report: Summer Gets a Cool New Brew

Smooth, rich and popular, cold brew is iced coffee’s cooler cousin—guaranteed to perk you up on the warm and hot days ahead. Cold brew is crafted by steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cool water for up to 20 hours, imbuing the resulting coffee with center-of-the-spectrum sweetness, neither acidic nor bitter.

Kicking Horse Coffee - Smart Ass Cold Brew

Kicking Horse Coffee

Smart Ass Cold Brew


Yah, it’s Good

For coffee-lovers, the drive, the night, the afternoon, the morning, to beat the heat, the test, the game, on the go and for times when it’s kick-ass o’clock.

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Pilot Cold Brew Coffee Latte 


If summer could be encapsulated, this’d be it. Cool, smooth, sexy and satisfying.

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Pilot Cold Brew Coffee Co - Latte  


Califia Farms

XX Espresso Cold Brew


Grab life by the bottle 

Revive deliciously; come back to work-hard-play-harder life with each sip of this cold brew blend of Non-GMO almond milk and direct trade sourced select coffee.  


Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.

Nitro Mocha


Coffee and chocolate - two of life’s most precious flavours - combine in this smooth cold brew.




Bridging tradition  

Bridging European tradition and modern technique, Dufflet hand-crafts each loaf from scratch using premium ingredients.



Chocolate Marble Espresso Loaf


Chocolate shavings crown a rich, espresso marbled sour cream coffee cake.


Dufflet - Chocolate Marble Espresso Loaf


Brazilian bite

Brigadeiros and happy gatherings are one in Brazil. One of the country’s most popular desserts has made its way to Pusateri’s shelves thanks to Mary, whose passion is to spread the “Brigadeiro culture” of happiness, one bite at a time.


Mary's Brigadeiro - Cappuccino and Cocoa Nibs

Mary’s Brigadeiro

Cappuccino + Cocoa Nibs


Mary’s Brigadeiros are elevated versions of the classic Brazilian recipe (condensed milk, chocolate, butter, sprinkles), featuring Belgian chocolate, local ingredients like lavender flower and maple syrup and natural fruit, nut and tea flavours.


Instant gratification

You won’t be able to resist this cake for long. Nor should you; it’s the kind of treat you’ll want to unwrap the moment your guests’ mugs hit the table.


Madelines Cafe Mocha Cake


Café Mocha Cake


This soft and sweet buttermilk batter coffee cake is swirled with a ribbon of mocha.


Perk up! 

Laced with cappuccino, sharded with toffee and crowned with milk chocolate chips, these cookies are one heavenly fix.


Sweet Flour Bake Shop 


Sweet Flour Bake Shop

Milk Chocolate Toffee Cappuccino Cookie


Tender with just the right amount of toffee crunch, how these cookies crumble is… deliciously.