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Tutti a Tavola Family Meals


It’s hard for to us to say it but yes, summer is almost over. But going into hibernation isn’t on your calendar…just yet. With the kids back in school or if you’re back to work, life’s regular routine is really starting to pick up. With back-to-back meetings and back-to-back afterschool activities, where do you have the time to eat right?

The answer is our Tutti a Tavola Family Meals. Come to any of our stores on any day of the week to pick up a meal to feed you and your family for just $39.99.

Our rotating menu includes:

Monday – 2 lbs of any hot pasta plus a choice of chicken breast or sausage side
Tuesday - 4.5 lbs of our succulent roast chicken plus 1 lb each of two sides
Wednesday – A full focaccia pizza
Thursday – Pork ribs and two sides
Friday – Filet of sole and two sides
Saturday – Chicken wings and a side of potato wages
Sunday - Porchetta and two sides

So whether you're trying to save some time, elevate your afternoon of Netflix or just feeding those last minute dinner guests, we’ll have you prepared to send everyone home or to bed happy.



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