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Warm Ricotta with Honey, Strawberries, Pistachios and Dark Chocolate


If you've got the house to yourself (for the day at least), the only thing you should be doing is indulging in a some "me time". Put on your favourite movie, sing along to that one song no one can stand and enjoy a light yet satisfying treat. I recommend this decadent recipe I've whipped together - give it a try!

Serves 4
1 lb Smooth Ricotta cheese
60 ml Rosewood Golden Honey
12 Ripe strawberries - sliced
75 g Pistachios - shelled
150 g Leah's Chocolate Biscotti - chopped



1. Warm ricotta in the microwave for 35 seconds then whisk in a stainless steel bowl until smooth and light.

2. Portion ricotta into four bowls and top with strawberries, biscotti and pistachios. Drizzle with honey and serve.


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