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What's your holiday entertaining style?


Whether you’re looking to perfect what's old or try something new, this handy quiz will help refine this year's holiday plan.


Your favourite part of Christmas is…

A: The tree
B: The family
C: The feast
D: The gifts


Your favourite holiday cocktail is…

A: Spiked eggnog
B: Rum punch
C: Negroni
D: Champagne


Your favourite holiday movie is…

A: It’s a Wonderful Life
B: Miracle on 34th Street
C: Love Actually
D: White Christmas

Christmas isn’t Christmas without…

A: Snow
B: Carols
C: Photos
D: Vacation


Your holiday wardrobe is…

A: Ugly (Christmas Sweaters!)
B: Comfortable
C: Minimal
D: Chic


Mostly "A": Classic

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Delight them with the classic turkey dinner complete with gravy, cranberry sauce, bread pudding and roasted root vegetables just like mom used to make.


Mostly "B": Vintage

Take home the coveted award for best chef with a perfect trio of beef tenderloin wellington, creamy roasted garlic whipped potatoes and rosemary heirloom carrots.


Mostly "C": Modern

Lighten up traditional fare by pairing an artfully stuffed turkey with green beans almandine and butternut squash gratin. Start it all off with a simple harvest salad and a glass of bubbly.


Mostly "D": Luxe

Add decadent flourishes to Christmas dinner by serving a veal strip loin roast alongside elegant scalloped root vegetables, bread pudding and Brussels sprouts with caramelized apple.


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