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Yamchops - Plant Based Butcher Shop Arrives at Pusateri's


Welcome Veganuary!

Yes – it’s a thing. The vegan lifestyle is on the rise. The world has woken up to the health benefits of plant based food with veganism growing over 500% since 2015. Even carnivores are dipping their toes in plant based waters more often. Today, following this lifestyle is even easier with so many vegan options on shelves.

We are proud to welcome Yamchops to the Pusateri’s family. Yamchops is North America’s first plant based butcher shop on a mission – to provide meat-free center of the plate alternatives that are as delicious as they are convenient. 

They have received huge accolades from The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Dragon’s Den, The CBC, BlogTO, Toronto Life, USA Today and more because of their unique, all vegan offering. Their Little Italy based shop boasts a wide offering of vegan takes on traditionally meat fare. From Tunaless “tuna”, Ground Beet Burgers, Carrot Lox and Chick*n Schnitzel to Fish-less Fish Tacos, BBQ “Pulled Pork” (Jackfruit) and Schezuan Chick*n, you would swear you were eating meat if you didn’t know. 

Plant based chef and founder of Yamchops, Michael Abramson has a few suggestions to enjoy your Yamchops at home.

Grab yourself a crusty Italian bun and load it up with a chickpea based Chick*n Schnitzel, some sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomato sauce and a few pickled jalapeño slices.

Yamchops Ground Beet Burger proves, without a doubt, that a burger can be beet. They’re packed full of flavour, and pan-fried or grilled, play perfect host to your favourite burger toppings. Michael suggests chipotle vegan mayo, coconut bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Moist and juicy chick*n, marinated in house made Hoisin sauce and kicked up with a proprietary blend of Hong Kong spices. Perfect layered on a bed of steamed rice.

Warmed and piled high on a bun – then topped with a quick cabbage slaw and a few slices of pickled jalapeno, vegan Hickory BBQ “Pulled Pork” made from Jackfruit will leave even the most ardent pork lover smiling.

A little sweet, with a touch of heat, Yamchops’ Szechuan Chick*n, sautéed with sweet onion and red pepper, makes a perfect center-of-the-plate protein for lunch or dinner.

Look for a selection of Yamchops delicacies at the Avenue Road La Cucina starting this week.

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