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Nutella® Café


Nutella® Café Daily Menu

Served Monday - Thursday

Sicilian Cannoli with Nutella® $3

White Chocolate Blonde with Nutella® $4.50

Cronus with Nutella® $5

Croissant with Seasonal Fruit and Nutella® $5.50

Cronus with Nutella® and Strawberries $6


Nutella® Café Brunch Menu

Served Friday - Sunday

Fruit Crepe with Nutella® $7.50

Sicilian Cannoli with Nutella® $3

White Chocolate Blonde with Nutella® $4.50

Cronus with Nutella® $5

Croissant with Seasonal Fruit and Nutella® $5.50

Cronus with Nutella® and Strawberries $6



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