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Canada 150

Canada 150

Celebrate our nation's milestone by exploring the best of the many flavours it has to offer.

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Discover the flavours of Canada and how we make it easy to celebrate.

Madeleines Pies

 Take a slice out of homemade quality pies made of local ingredients.

Lobster Avocado Grilled Cheese

 We've elevated the traditional lobster roll by adding creamy and smooth avocado.

29 FÉVRIER Maple Syrup

Sourcing only the finest syrup of the Maple forests in Quebec to bring you exceptional maple syrup.

Smoked Meat Pretzel

Layers of smoked meat between a soft pretzel bun is one of the best ways to enjoy Canada's 150th.

Fiasco Gelato Canadian Butter Tart Gelato

 The team at Fiasco Gelato found the best way to celebrate Canada's 150th.

All Canadian Burger

 Take a bite out of a burger made completely of Canadian sourced ingredients.

B.C. Cherries

 Home to some of the largest and best tasting cherries in the country.

See how we're celebrating Canada's 150th