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Palate Vol. 5


This fall our table is set with spice.

So often an afterthought, the warming, pungent, earthy and piquant spices that paint our Autumn pantry bring the full flavour of the season to our Thanksgiving menu. This issue, we take a deep dive into spice with recipes that will make your palate sing—and your home smell enchanting!

Here at Pusateri’s, we’ve always known it’s the details that matter. This Thanksgiving, delight your family and friends with stunning sides and root-to-stem dishes that, quite literally, make the most of the seasonal produce overflowing in our aisles 


Warming, earthy, pungent and piquant—these spices signal fall to us as much as brilliant leaves and cooler climes. Learn more


Discover Europe’s Ham & Cheese 

The origin of the quintessential combination of ham and cheese has been hotly debated in Europe since the 18th Century. Learn more

Give Thanks & Take Sides

Ask any Pusateri’s family member their favourite Thanksgiving dish and they’ll inevitably name a side. Learn more

Discover the Craft

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of the craft that goes into the products we showcase with a manufacturer of natural and organic products, a coffee roasting pioneer and Pusateri's newest pre-pack. Learn more

Root - to - Stem

The Root – to – Stem movement is making waves and we're completely on board. Learn more

Roasted Prime Rib with Balsamic Pepper Glaze

Pusateri’s prime rib is sourced from local Ontario farms and aged for 21 to 28 days for fall off the bone tender, buttery perfection. Learn more

Trend Report

Let’s face it–everyone snacks. When the urge is upon you, reach for power-packed snacks that raise your game. Learn more

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