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Palate Vol. 8



Olio D’oliva

We have the biggest olive trees in the world in Calabria, 80 feet tall and a couple meters across—which is a tale of how old these trees are. We’re surrounded by ancient olive groves up to 2,000 years old and then there are new groves like ours.

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When Patrick says ‘authentic’, he means it. Emma Parmigiano Reggiano has been produced in the Po River Valley of northern Italy near Parma, Reggio-Emilia, Modena, Bologna, and Mantanova since the 15th century.

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Just as kombucha wouldn’t be kombucha without ‘mother’, or scobu, Italian sauces aren’t Italian sauces without tomatoes. And San Marzano tomatoes are the queen mother of Italian tomatoes.

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Importing from more than 130 wineries, Halpern’s nose for the finest has inspired them to seek out the best wines the world has to offer. Their wine portfolio is expertly curated and caters to all tastes: from the connoisseur to the couple that simply enjoys a glass of wine with dinner.

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We’re pretty knowledgeable in pasta, as we had to become. We spent time in Italy learning from the grandmothers. By having our hands in these recipes, we are bringing the nonnas’ pasta making tradition into today’s world.

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Try our favourite summer grilling recipes to add an Italian spin to your next barbecue using simple, quality ingredients. Quick to prepare and easy to enjoy.

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Whether it’s a strong cup of coffee with a few bites of chocolate on the side, or a decadently rich gelato, one thing remains constant: Italian desserts may be small & they may be simple—but they never skimp on flavour.

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Summer Pantry

Summering like an Italian means fresh, quality ingredients prepared simply. Explore our summer pantry must-haves below.

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