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We believe every meal is a celebration. Friends, family,
fine food—this is what it means to live well.

Raising the bar since 1963

Authentic butchers and the city’s finest prepared fare. Peerless, personal service and the most diverse collection of gourmet, artisanal and imported products. For more than 50 years, we’ve set the standard for what it means to live, and eat, well in Toronto. We take great pride in travelling the world to find and share the rare and unique products we find with our customers. This is who we are. This is our family tradition.

Cosimo’s guide to a life well lived

In 1957, a young boy named Cosimo Pusateri arrived in Canada, from Sicily, with his parents and sister. Six years later the family opened a small produce market that quickly became known as the best in the city. Part of its success lay with a busy, forever-smiling, 12-year-old boy who would serve shoppers, unload produce and maintain the shop. This was Cosimo.

At a young age, Cosimo dedicated himself to the store, developing his skills to become a master butcher. Soon enough he took over the operation. He is most remembered for his love of people and that he could talk to anyone, especially if it was about food, enjoying the company of friends and family, and the appreciation of the finer things. To him, these were what it meant to live a full life.

It’s not often that customers become friends, but that’s just how Cosimo operated. Like the people coming into the shop, Cosimo cared most about quality: quality food, quality living, a quality life. Cosimo believed that food brought people together, it was an expression of life.

Cosimo’s vision for Pusateri’s went deeper than produce and being the best neighbourhood grocer. In 1986, under his leadership, Cosimo transformed that small, Italian neighbourhood shop into a fine-food emporium specializing in gourmet imported goods, speciality products and fine-foods. Along the way, Pusateri’s helped introduce Toronto to many delicacies, including Waygu beef, Godiva chocolate, Spanish Iberico ham, caviar from the Caspian Sea.

Of course, having the best produce and fresh items were still part of the mix. And Cosimo made certain that his personal touch was still front and centre. Cosimo believed in the best, and only the best. His spirit is our guiding principle, our standard of excellence.

Today we continue to evolve from our foundations, striving to uphold a standard of excellence which goes beyond our stores, integrating social responsibility with initiates that support animal welfare, the community and environment, and food safety. Like our guests, we are concerned about the welfare of animals, for this, Pusateri’s is working with our suppliers towards a goal of transitioning to 100% cage-free shell eggs by 2025.

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